Cause and effect

No matter what we do, sooner or later we are bound to take a bad step, make a mistake and hurt somebody or hurt ourselves as a result. To err is human. To make a mistake is not wrong as long as we take responsibility for the mistakes we have made and try to set things right. To admit to a mistake is no easy task and to even try to make amends is a daunting task for most of us. So what do we do when we cannot face the effects of our mistakes?

I do not know about you, I tend not to admit it to myself by running away. In running away, I have made worst mistakes because I am so busy running that I do not have the time nor the will to stop and consider the effects of my next action. In this way the army of my bad decisions and mistakes chasing me gets bigger and I start running faster chasing mirages of happiness, peace , contentment and the vicious circle continues and my life continues to burn. The worst part of the running is that I cannot even enjoy the things I used to enjoy, because my conscience beckons me. I have no peace.

I have realized this just recently and have stopped running. I have decided to face the effects ‘head on’ and try and correct what can be corrected. About what I cannot correct now, I have hope that a time may come for me to correct my wrongs. It is a tough struggle, but every success big or small brings about a huge sense of relief, closure and satisfaction sometimes enough to make me feel like a child again. Innocent and free!